Saving Kids from Woke Trash

Below are pictures of the kind of woke trash that school board member Kirk Twigg removed from Spotsylvania County school libraries. Twigg’s opponent, Megan Jackson, wants to keep this trash in school libraries.

Twigg has been labeled a book burner by other leftists and the Washington ComPost newspaper. See these pictures for yourself. The books on the table were just a few on display that were accessible by children in school libraries. This is the kind of woke trash that Megan Jackson apparently wants kids to read.

At the last school board meeting, Twigg introduced the governor’s parents right to know first act. This was passed by the conservative majority on the school board. Former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli thanked Kirk Twigg personally for his unwavering effort to protect our children’s education.

Recent Parents Rights Articles

Here is a summary of recent parents’ rights articles at Spotsylvania County Schools

Kirk Twigg made a motion to adopt a new parents’ rights policy at the 8/14 Spotsylvania County School Board Meeting –

Spotsylvania County School’s new parents’ rights policy ensures that no parent is obligated to participate in the anti-science delusions of the Wokeys. There are fundamental differences between boys and girls yet the Wokeys want to argue against these simple facts. –

Here is the motion by Kirk Twigg on a new parents rights policy

Governor Youngkin recognizes Spotsylvania County Schools in adopting the new parent’s rights policy

Spotsy Schools 8/14 Meeting Recap

Here is a screenshot of the email Spotsylvania County Schools sent recapping the 8/14/2023 school board meeting. The Kirk Twigg led policy was a big win for parent’s rights because it prevents woke ideology from entering the classroom. This policy ensures that no one is required to participate in the anti-science agenda of the Wokeys that denies DNA structure and physical attributes as major differences in humans.

Facts do not care about your feelings. The Wokeys are adamant that everyone must participate in their delusional anti-science positions against the rights of parents. This policy ensures parents are not required to participate in their delusions. Thank you to Kirk Twigg for leading the push on this policy that is pro-science and pro-parents’ rights. Nicole Cole and Lorita Daniels voted against parents rights and against science.

Youngkin Recognizes Spotsy Schools

Governor Glenn Youngkin gave a shoutout to our Spotsylvania County School Board on the Trans Policy on Twitter (or X). This parents’ rights policy removes woke ideology from the schools. School board member Kirk Twigg introduced the motion to adopt the policy at the 8/14 school board meeting. Below are links to see the actual policy that affirms parents rights and Twigg’s motion at the school board meeting.

Twigg’s Motion to Protect Parents Rights

Spotsylvania County School Board member Kirk Twigg introduced a motion to protect parent’s rights at the August 14th school board meeting. Here is the video clip where he speaks to his constituents in the Livingston District on a policy that removes woke ideology from the schools. Look at our earlier article to see the actual policy –