FACT CHECK: Lieberman claims Phelps is unreachable

FACT CHECK: Spotsylvania County School Board Candidate Rich Lieberman has claimed numerous times that his opponent, Lisa Phelps, is unreachable by not making her contact information available. We at the Spotsy Wire researched this claim and find this statement FALSE.

The phone number and email for Lisa Phelps has been available on her website since April 2021.   Her school email has existed on the Spotsylvania County Schools website the entire time Ms. Phelps has been on the board.   Links to her contact information are available at the bottom of this article.

It took no longer than 2 minutes to research Ms. Phelps contact information. It is clear that Mr. Lieberman has adopted the political tactic of repeating a message in the hopes if you say it enough times the general public assumes its true. This is a clear example of playing politics and goes against his slogan of “kids not politics”

In addition, Mr. Lieberman makes a claim in his September 8th video that he was actually able to contact Ms. Phelps. His Sept. 8th video undermines the entirety of his argument. This is a clear example of playing politics and goes against his slogan of “kids not politics”

Phelps Website – https://phelps4schools.com/__contact/

Schools Website – https://www.spotsylvania.k12.va.us/site/default.aspx?PageType=3&ModuleInstanceID=286&ViewID=7b97f7ed-8e5e-4120-848f-a8b4987d588f&RenderLoc=0&FlexDataID=12371&PageID=461

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