Lieberman Responds to his own Scandal…as a typical Politician !

Spotsylvania County School Board Candidate Rich Lieberman continues to be embroiled in scandal.   Recently, someone has placed small signs next to Mr. Lieberman’s campaign signs around Spotsylvania County.   The small signage has an arrow pointing to Mr. Lieberman’s campaign sign with a single word – “pervert”.  

Since 2009, Mr. Lieberman has written many misogynistic posts on social media and on various websites.   Many people have expressed concerns including in the comments section of our Facebook page.  Most feel that Mr. Lieberman’s behavior thru his social media postings sets a bad example for children. Here are links to earlier articles covering the Lieberman scandal.

Mr. Lieberman has responded to his misogynistic posts by playing politics thru deflection and minimization of his behavior on his Facebook posts.   Mr. Lieberman takes no responsibility on the severity of behavior. Instead, he attempts to deflect by blaming his opponent. He also attempts to reframe the issue by portraying himself as the “victim” for his poor behavior.   These are the actions of a politician.   This goes contrary to his campaign slogan of “Kids not politics”. 

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