Creepy Rich Lieberman Posts

Spotsylvania County School Board candidate Rich Lieberman has another creepy post. There are a lot of 17 and 18 year olds that are in high school. This is why we find it creepy when a man in his 50s who is running for school board says to a 17 year old “you are very attractive” or “talk to me when you were 18”.

Below are screenshots and source links so that you the reader can verify this for yourself. The first screenshot is on the modelmayhem website at the bottom of the page. The second screenshot can be found thru the wayback machine, an organization dedicate to archiving websites. Lieberman disabled his modelmayhem profile page but the wayback machine shows what was there.

Lieberman runs companies called “Leader in Sports” and “Memorabilia Advertising”. He used the modelmayhem website to recruit models for photo shoots. Lieberman did openly admit that he made misogynistic social media posts in a Free Lance Star article this past August. We have seen misogynistic social media posts as recent as 2020 to as early as 2009.

Lieberman Responds to his own Scandal…as a typical Politician !

Spotsylvania County School Board Candidate Rich Lieberman continues to be embroiled in scandal.   Recently, someone has placed small signs next to Mr. Lieberman’s campaign signs around Spotsylvania County.   The small signage has an arrow pointing to Mr. Lieberman’s campaign sign with a single word – “pervert”.  

Since 2009, Mr. Lieberman has written many misogynistic posts on social media and on various websites.   Many people have expressed concerns including in the comments section of our Facebook page.  Most feel that Mr. Lieberman’s behavior thru his social media postings sets a bad example for children. Here are links to earlier articles covering the Lieberman scandal.

Mr. Lieberman has responded to his misogynistic posts by playing politics thru deflection and minimization of his behavior on his Facebook posts.   Mr. Lieberman takes no responsibility on the severity of behavior. Instead, he attempts to deflect by blaming his opponent. He also attempts to reframe the issue by portraying himself as the “victim” for his poor behavior.   These are the actions of a politician.   This goes contrary to his campaign slogan of “Kids not politics”. 

Lieberman Scandal Grows, Free Lance Star complicit in the scandal

The Rich Lieberman scandal has grown again.  Now, the Free Lance Star is complicit in the scandal.  The Free Lance Star wrote an article that portrayed Spotsylvania County School Board candidate Rich Lieberman in a positive light despite his inappropriate behavior on social media.   The Free Lance Star did not bother to report the details on Mr. Lieberman’s inappropriate behavior.   The article, written by Adele Uphaus, is a prop up piece for Mr. Lieberman to try and salvage his campaign running for school board.

Since the Free Lance Star won’t report the details of Mr. Lieberman’s inappropriate behavior, we will provide you with the details we reported earlier.   Before you read another sentence, we would like to warn you that reader discretion is advised.  Some examples of Mr. Lieberman’s inappropriate social media statements are below:

  • “I told every woman I got serious with if they don’t hit me, I won’t hit them.  If they hit me, I hit back”
  • “All women should be buck neeked, barefoot in the kitchen with a beer in arm’s reach at all times for her mans”
  • “If she snorts drugs, I wonder how her s*ck swall** skills are???? Asking for a friend”

In summary, these statements talk about hitting women, degrading women, or discuss sexual acts. The Free Lance Star is complicit in accepting his behavior because they fail to report any details on the central issue of why Mr. Lieberman is apologizing. It is clear that Mr. Lieberman posts on social media are sexist, misogynistic, and degrading to women.   

The Free Lance Star also makes a claim without evidence that “Lieberman’s posts on the Facebook page…….were circulated over the weekend by supporters of his opponent”. That is false information. If the Free Lance Star bothered to do any research, they would know that The Spotsy Wire was the first to report on the Rich Lieberman scandal back on July 25.  Other social media outlets have posted similar stories since then.  The inappropriate social media posts by Mr. Lieberman go as far back as 2009 and were on many different websites. They are all over the internet and it takes very little effort to find them.

Uncle Rich Part 2

There are more Rich Lieberman pictures and screenshots posted on the All Spotsylvania Politics facebook page. These must be the postings that Mr. Lieberman alluded to in his recent Facebook video on August 21. Viewer discretion is advised.

Uncle Rich

We think these Rich Lieberman screenshots speak for themselves, but we will walk you thru them. Spotsylvania county school board candidate Rich Lieberman owns a business that utilizes young women in semi-nude poses to advertise his products. His business is known as “Leader in Sports” or “Memorabilia Advertising”. He utilizes the Model Mayhem website to recruit women for photographs. Mr. Lieberman objectifies women by commenting on a women’s physical appearance in addition to discussing nudes and bikinis.

  • Is it ok for a school board candidate to objectify women ?
  • What does all of this teach our sons and daughters ?
  • Is it ok for these perverted pictures to be associated with a school board candidate ?
  • Is this the kind of representative that people are ok with guiding our children’s education ?

We are aware that school board members Grampp, Shelley, and Braswell support Mr. Lieberman publicly.  The fact that Grampp and Shelley, who are both women, support a candidate that objectifies women is saddening. We encourage our readers to look at the screenshots below and visit the websites to verify these screenshots for themselves.

More Lieberman Pictures

There are more controversial pictures linked with Rich Lieberman, the Spotsylvania County school board candidate. Mr. Lieberman’s business, Leader in Sports, promotes numerous pictures with semi-nude young women that go back at least 9 years. As a school board candidate, promoting pictures of semi-nude young women sends the wrong message to our sons and daughters in the school division. Objectifying women is not appropriate for a candidate in a leadership position. There is a big age difference between Mr. Lieberman and these young women.

More Controversial Pictures on Lieberman’s Facebook Page

Spotsylvania County school board candidate Rich Lieberman has more controversial pictures on his facebook page. Thru his company, Leader in Sports, Mr Lieberman consistently posts pictures that objectify women. Below are links to the pictures that come directly from Mr. Lieberman’s Leader in Sports facebook page. A potential school board member associated with these pictures sends the wrong message to children. It is not ok to objectify women. School board members are held to a higher standard since they are working with children.

Questionable Pictures Spotsylvania School Board Candidate, Rich Lieberman

Rich Lieberman, candidate for Spotsylvania County School Board, has many pictures that can be interpreted as inappropriate. We were sent these links from a parent that has a child attending Spotsylvania county schools. The links show that these pictures are authentic because they are directly from Mr Lieberman’s facebook pages. Are these pictures appropriate for a school board candidate ?