Creepy Rich Lieberman Posts

Spotsylvania County School Board candidate Rich Lieberman has another creepy post. There are a lot of 17 and 18 year olds that are in high school. This is why we find it creepy when a man in his 50s who is running for school board says to a 17 year old “you are very attractive” or “talk to me when you were 18”.

Below are screenshots and source links so that you the reader can verify this for yourself. The first screenshot is on the modelmayhem website at the bottom of the page. The second screenshot can be found thru the wayback machine, an organization dedicate to archiving websites. Lieberman disabled his modelmayhem profile page but the wayback machine shows what was there.

Lieberman runs companies called “Leader in Sports” and “Memorabilia Advertising”. He used the modelmayhem website to recruit models for photo shoots. Lieberman did openly admit that he made misogynistic social media posts in a Free Lance Star article this past August. We have seen misogynistic social media posts as recent as 2020 to as early as 2009.

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