Political Signs Violate School Board Policy, Baker complicit in allowing the violation

Spotsylvania County School Board Policy GBG prevents employees using school property for promoting political candidates.   We found it interesting that there is a banner at the Massaponax High School stadium promoting the campaigns for Rich Lieberman, Baron Braswell, Erin Grampp, and Christopher Yakabouski under the disguise of promoting cheerleading sponsors.  Below is a picture of the banner.

The Activities Director and Principal at Massaponax High School along with the administration are responsible for all signage on school property.   Since the banner appeared during a school activity on school grounds with school employees present, this is a violation of Policy GBG.

Ultimately, the enforcement of this policy falls on Superintendent Scott Baker. He is the leader of the school division. Since he has chosen to not enforce the policy, apologize, or enact discipline, he is complicit in allowing this policy violation to occur. 

Author: isaiah5500

News and opinion on the Spotsylvania County community. Isaiah 5:5

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