Shame on Dawn Shelley

In mid-September, Spotsylvania County School Board Chair Dawn Shelley made a cyberbullying post on Facebook towards school board member Lisa Phelps.  In her post, she attacks the “cat lady”.   That is an obvious reference to Phelps as she is well known in the community by this nickname.   Shelley was called out on her bullying behavior at the end of the October 11 school board meeting.   Here is the exchange:

PHELPS: So that has nothing to do with me or anyone else running?
SHELLEY: It could do with whomever anyone feels it to be.
PHELPS: Ok, so that would be a no. That would be a no ?
SHELLEY: That would be, it can be for whomever people want it to refer to
PHELPS: So in your opinion, you wrote that and you don’t know who it was? All I am asking if it was me or not, its either yes or no

Shelley’s response, “It could do with whomever anyone feels it to be”, shows that she is an idiot.  She got caught and cannot defend her actions. Her unprofessional behavior sets a bad example for kids because it’s a form of cyberbullying.   This video clip captures the whole exchange between Shelley and Phelps.

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