Uncle Rich

We think these Rich Lieberman screenshots speak for themselves, but we will walk you thru them. Spotsylvania county school board candidate Rich Lieberman owns a business that utilizes young women in semi-nude poses to advertise his products. His business is known as “Leader in Sports” or “Memorabilia Advertising”. He utilizes the Model Mayhem website to recruit women for photographs. Mr. Lieberman objectifies women by commenting on a women’s physical appearance in addition to discussing nudes and bikinis.

  • Is it ok for a school board candidate to objectify women ?
  • What does all of this teach our sons and daughters ?
  • Is it ok for these perverted pictures to be associated with a school board candidate ?
  • Is this the kind of representative that people are ok with guiding our children’s education ?

We are aware that school board members Grampp, Shelley, and Braswell support Mr. Lieberman publicly.  The fact that Grampp and Shelley, who are both women, support a candidate that objectifies women is saddening. We encourage our readers to look at the screenshots below and visit the websites to verify these screenshots for themselves.





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