Grampp & Braswell Passing the Buck

At the September 13 Spotsylvania County school board meeting, Erin Grampp and Baron Braswell claim that their hands are tied on issues such as critical race theory, masks, quarantines, etc. because of state law.   Naturally, this raises the following questions

  • What is the point of having an elected school board member if the school board member refuses to take input from constituents in their vote on these issues?
  • If an issue is settled because of state law, why have a vote at a school board meeting?

The ultimate authority on whether a law is broken is the court system.  It’s not school board members such as Grampp and Braswell.   We suspect the school division will face legal action from one side or the other regardless of the position taken by the school board.   

The prudent approach is to ask several different attorneys on how one would defend one position vs another position.   Instead, school board members Grampp and Braswell refuse to take a stand on the issue by passing the buck to the state.  

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