OPINION: Inappropriate Books

OPINION: Sometimes, there are issues of such high importance that the rules should be suspended. One such issue is the inappropriate books that came up during public comment by several speakers. Mr. Abuismail made a passionate plea to fellow board members to suspend the rules to address the issue immediately instead of waiting until new business several hours later.

Abuismail makes a good point. Some of these school board meetings run very late into the night. Why make the parents wait several hours to address this major concern ? Most parents don’t stay at a school board meeting until 11pm, 12pm, or 1am because they have to work the next day, take care of kids, etc.

Suspending the rules on this specific issue allows the board to be responsive to their constituents. In order to suspend the rules, a supermajority of 5 school board members is needed. Phelps, Twigg, Abuismail, and Daniels voted to suspend the rules. Braswell, Grampp, and Shelley voted against suspending the rules. If any of our readers have pictures of the actual books in the library or email exchanges with school staff, please email us

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