Letter to the Editor: Braswell’s Stances

Letter to the Editor: This letter comes from Ms. Marina Puchalski. Ms. Puchalski has spoken at recent school board meetings. Here is Ms. Puchalski’s letter, in her own words.

“I have one issue I want to bring to everyone’s attention and it underscores all that has ever been discussed and will ever be discussed in any of these proceedings, past, present and future.

Braswell, you claim to be a pastor or minister or whatever title you lay claim to. I am appalled that a supposed “man of God” takes the stances you have while on this board. Christ has charged us with the protection of the innocent; more specifically the children. Yet your stances on the issues continue to push an ever progressive agenda to taint their innocence.

“It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble.” – Luke 17:2

Obviously, you don’t care what Jesus had to say about causing the children to stumble. You distracted the discussion from the pornography and pedophilia that is snaking its way into the school system here in Spotsylvania. Your distraction from these vile publications centered on removing “anything offensive”.

There is only one TRUTH: Jesus Christ! And He has been deemed offensive by today’s society. God should be brought back into our schools and His Truth is what prevails. Not the ever-changing sliding standard that society has incorrectly defined as “truth”.

The Bible has been called the greatest literary piece that was ever created and yet has been banned from the schools. The Truth of God has been deemed too offensive for society because it shines a light on the vile practices that continue to permeate our lives. The evil that continues to infect society has succeeded in obscuring the minds of man and blurring right and wrong until there is no delineation between them; only grey areas.

You, Braswell, if you claim to be a “man of God”, know this to be true in your heart and yet you continue to allow this filth into our schools to infect the minds of the innocent. You allow the innocent to be corrupted and have failed to stand for the Truth you claim to represent.

Make no mistake. It is not I who judge you, but God who knows your heart, and your works. There is a line in the sand that was drawn over 3500 years ago. God is the one who placed that line in the sand and Christ reinforced it 1500 years later. There is ONLY Right and Wrong, Good and evil. There is no in-between.

I pray you ALL make yourselves right with God. The parents that are here want to protect our children. Unfortunately, those from the teacher’s unions and others with their own agenda only want to make sure that the children are taken down into corruption.

I challenge the entire school board: Choose your side. Take your stand!

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