Dawn Shelley, The Dictator with a Gavel

School Board Chair Dawn Shelley’s authoritarian behavior was on full display at the December 13 school board meeting. A parent wanted to express her concerns about a serious issue with her daughter and the lack of response from the administration. Understandably the parent was emotional, but Shelley escalates the situation. The video of this moment is below.

Shelly initially behaved as an authoritarian by denying time for the parent and asking for law enforcement assistance. After Twigg spoke and Baker whispered something to Shelley, the parent was eventually allowed to speak.

The hypocrisy by Shelley is stunning. Shelley initially did not allow the parent to speak or take the time yielded by the other parent. However, Shelley permitted 2 speakers (Mo Pettway and Nicole Cole) to yield time to each other earlier during public comment. Shelley granted Nicole Cole special privileges by allowing her to speak a 2nd time. Shelley is clearly drunk on the power as she has constantly shouted, escalated situations, and belittled others during 2021.

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