Investigating Spotsylvania Schools

The new state attorney general announced an investigation into the Loudoun County school division’s handling of sexual assault cases. We think that the new state attorney general should also investigate how sexual assault cases were handled in Spotsylvania County Schools.

In 2015, there was a sexual assault incident at Spotsylvania High School’s football team that drew extensively media attention. We heard from sources that the former assistant principal at Spotsylvania High School handled this situation poorly. Yet, he received a promotion into the administrative office. We think this promotion is worthy of an investigation. Below are links to the news articles on the assault.

We have seen documentation that suggest other incidents in Spotsylvania County schools are worthy of investigation. We are aware of a Title IX investigation at Riverbend High School. We are also aware an alleged incident involved a male coach entering a girls locker room at the wrong time at Massaponax High School. It appears there were attempts to sweep things under the rug. We may expand on this in a future post.

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