Nicole Cole Insults Parents

On Virginia State Senator Tim Anderson’s Facebook page, school board member Nicole Cole made an arrogant comment on the senate bill to remove school mask mandates. Cole attacks those opposing the mandates as having “willful ignorance of a partially educated lower middle class”. Cole stereotypes and insults parents. Who does Nicole Cole think she is?

The only one that is ignorant is Nicole Cole. We would like Ms. Cole to provide any study that shows that mask mandates actually worked. There is not a single study that shows blue states like California and New York were significantly better thru mandates compared to Florida. Cole is advocating taking your personal liberties away by imposing a mandate on you.

Nicole Cole is a tyrant. The elitist attitude that Cole displays provides insight into her voting patterns as a school board member. Cole behaves as if she can make better decisions for your child than you. It is clear that she thinks the government can solve all your problems despite government being inefficient in everything it does. Below are the screenshots and a link to the original article.

UPDATE: Nicole Cole edited her comment around 11:24pm on 2/9 to simply say “UGH”. Fortunately, we have screen captures of everything so she cannot deny she said this.

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