Daniels & Shelley Avoids Condemning Cole’s Racism

Spotsylvania County school board members Lorita Daniels and Dawn Shelley avoided condemning fellow school board member Nicole Cole’s racist rant on Facebook. That speaks volumes. They are now on record as supporting Cole’s racism. Below is the link to the video of the resolution and the vote.

Cole, Daniels, and Shelley have either double down on the racist comments or attempted to deflect them. Prior to the vote, Shelley started to justify Cole’s statements. Daniels deflected by preaching unity. We are not buying any of this because the words that Nicole Cole wrote stand on their own. We can see this issue being associated with all three of them perpetually. If Cole offered an apology or stated the word choice was poor, this issue probably would have gone away.

Instead, Nicole Cole racist rant ends up as the biggest local political scandal of the past 10 to 20 years. Yet, the local newspaper barely covers it. This left-wing news outlet regularly provides cover for the left members of the school board. If conservatives Twigg, Gillespie, Abuismail, or Phelps made this post on Facebook, we suspect it would be front page news and on every news channel. The double standard exists with the local newspaper.

Responses to Nasty Nicole’s Rant

Spotsylvania County school board member Nicole Cole wrote a racist post on her Facebook page on May 25, 2022 regarding Uvalde. Although Cole deleted her Facebook post a few days later, the post is still attracting attention. Below are two emails written by citizens obtained by FOIA request addressing Cole’s Facebook post along with a screenshot of Cole’s original post.

Crackabouski Supports Nasty Nicole

Spotsylvania County Supervisor Chris Yakabouski supported school board member Nicole Cole’s appointment to a committee at the April 12 Board of Supervisors meeting. Yakabouski claims to be a conservative but did not support the appointment of a conservative to this committee. Instead, he supports a far-left politician in Nicole Cole. Below is the video.

Cole recently posted a racist rant on her Facebook page about the Uvalde shooting that she has since deleted. In her post, Nasty Nicole favors gun control, attacks Republicans, and gets into identity politics. Yet Crackabouski supports an individual with these leftist political positions. It is clear that Crackabouski is a leftist democrat with his support of Cole.

Nasty Nicole News Articles

Here are news articles on Spotsylvania County School board member Nicole Cole’s racist post on the Uvalde situation. Cole recently deleted her post on Facebook. Cole cannot deny making these comments because many have taken screenshots of the post and media outlets have started covering the story.




Nasty Nicole’s Racist Rant

Spotsylvania County school board member Nicole Cole posted a racist rant on her Facebook page. Cole needs to resign from the school board immediately. There is no room for a racist individual on the dais. Let’s look at her comments point by point.

“Most American’s hearts are pained today because of the continued terrorist murders of people and children of color at the hands of white nationalists.”

Cole does not waste any time pointing out race. That is what a racist does. Race is the least relevant issue. If we are going to talk about race, Cole incorrectly points out that the shooter is white and that it was children of color. The shooter and the majority of victims are Hispanic. Yet in Cole’s world, everything is about race. Cole attacks Hispanics by making this racist rhetoric. What the hell does pointing out race have anything to do with this situation?

They not only authorize and support guns in hands of anyone, they actively support radical domestic terrorist organizations and ideology to GROOM these shooters.

Nasty Nicole’s ignorance is on full display. This is such a gross over generalization. Conflating the evil act that took place with say the legitimate self-defense use of a firearms is such a gross mischaracterization. The issue is not the inanimate object. The issue is the individual decision that was used to commit an evil act. Nasty Nicole, in her typical leftist ideology, wants to bypass individual decision making and blame the inanimate object.

Letter to the Editor: Explicit Books

Here is an editorial on the explicit books issue in public schools. When the left is confronted by specific examples, they pivot away and reframe the issue into a generalized issue on censorship or illiteracy. The left will never directly confront the specific examples. Here is the editorial.

It’s a sad day in education when local, elected officials defend the retention of obscene materials be made available to minors in the very public schools they oversee. 

Nicole Coles’ social media commenting are despicable, disparaging and disgusting, in her very biased comments concerning the current book challenges.

Nicole Cole support books containing incest, bestiality, sexual assaults, orgasms, pedophilia, grooming and masturbation, only further serves to prove to parents that public education has fallen so far, it’s not worth saving. 

Did Nicole Cole’s voters really elect a leftist pundit, to a school board so she could defend such books?  Where is her feverish support for improving math, history, science, language, arts, etc?  She seems to have made it her personal mission to defend the indefensible. 

What educational goals do these books serve?  All educational tax dollars are required to be spent towards educational goals?  Are SCPS and Nicole Cole’s goal to subject minors to obscene material?  Are their goals to expose our children to content they are not mature enough to handle? 

Nicole Cole attempted to violate a parents’ free speech, while reading the passages, stating they are inappropriate for younger listeners.  Well, Nicole, VA law defines a minor as under the age of 18.  VA law does not make further distinctions.

Given her bias on these books, any appeal that reaches the school board, she should recuse herself from.  She is clearly not going to be impartial. 

Perhaps Nicole Cole missed the VA Beach victory of a circuit court judge ruling two books obscene.  One of which is in our schools and still available at Riverbend high school.  It’s A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah Maas.  The next steps it seems is the attorney finding out who exactly in the school administration is responsible for supplying, what is essentially, porn, to minors and holding them accountable.

It will be interesting to see how that plays out and is replicated across VA, to include SCPS.   

Nasty Nicole’s Feud with Citizens, Part 2

At the May 9 school board meeting, Nicole Cole made a motion to place a 6-month censorship ban on public speaking against a citizen named Roy Searles. Cole addressed in public forum her son’s racial comments on a public Instagram video. Racial comments, whether in jest or not in jest, by a family member of a sitting school board member is in fact news especially when that school board member discusses it in public forum.

Here is Nicole Cole’s email to Roy Searles on this issue. Let’s address Cole’s email point by point.

“I can use this to go to the sheriff and report you harassing my minor son. I will report you distributing this as a “racist” video and attaching my minor son’s full name and slandering him. 1st. It does not show my son actually saying those words”

Searles has the freedom of speech to say whatever he wants to say. Cole’s son made a racist comment on video posted on Instagram. We saw the video. We have the video. Do we really need to post the video? Cole is lying and attacking free speech at the same time.

2nd. For anyone to say “I hate white people” is an opinion and is in no way racist.

Is Nicole Cole really this delusional? These are the words that Nasty Nicole’s son actually said on video. Let’s change “white” to any other color. Would it then be a racist comment? Hmmmm.

“3rd. For the 4th time you have attacked a minor in our school system and have subjected him to possible harassment and bullying in the school setting by doing this twice publicly at official school board meetings, via social media, and email. “

Pointing out facts is not an attack especially when Cole addresses it in public forum at a school board meeting. Cole is attacking free speech when she says that. People are responsible for their own individual actions. You do not get to place responsibility of the potential actions of others on the writer of an email or speaker during public comments. Saying that is typical leftist thinking that its everyone else’s fault.

4th. Additionally you have harassed him by sharing this with school administration. He was pulled from class because you shared this.” 

Claiming harassment by pointing out a video to school administration is really a stretch by Nasty Nicole. By her logic, no one is supposed to report anything for fear of harassment?

Harassment means to repeatedly annoy or attack a person or group in such a way as to cause anxiety or fear for safety. “

The pot is calling the kettle black. Here are links of Nicole Cole harassing other school board members in public forum. Since the standard is about “feelings” instead of facts, we at the Spotsy Wire get anxiety anytime Cole speaks. Hey, we are using Cole’s definition here.

https://spotsywire.com/2022/02/01/nicole-coles-nastiness/ https://spotsywire.com/2022/03/20/lacking-decorum-part-1/ https://spotsywire.com/2022/03/29/lacking-decorum-part-3/ https://spotsywire.com/2022/03/30/lacking-decorum-part-5/ https://spotsywire.com/2022/03/31/lacking-decorum-part-6/

My son has experienced anxiety and duress of being in a threatening environment in class with your daughter and in the school building with students and educators who might form a negative opinion of him because of your harassment. 

Below is an email exchange from Courtland High School showing that this is not true. The assistant principal in the email exchange verifies that Searles daughter has no discipline issues. Again, Nasty Nicole is lying.

This video that was taken by a white male student who was not given permission to post my son on social media.” 

Wow. Cole points out the race of the student that took the Instagram video. Why does pointing out the race of a student provide any value to your argument? Perhaps, Nasty Nicole is a racist. Furthermore, you do not need anyone’s permission to post a video on social media. In Virginia, recording only requires the consent of one party, not two parties.

Nasty Nicole’s Feud with Citizens, Part 1

At the May 9 school board meeting, Spotsylvania County school board member Nicole Cole made a motion to censor a citizen for expressing their views during public comment. During Cole’s motion, she brings up her family members and the son of April Gillespie.

Cole has routinely attacked citizens first amendment rights during public comment by attempting to censor speakers. Below is the video of Cole’s motion.

:05 – Cole states she received a letter from a person named “Ron Cole”, the father of Nicole Cole’s son. Cole voluntarily discloses her son’s father in public forum.

:16 – Cole accuses a citizen, Roy Searles, of making disparaging racially motivated comments about her son. Look at what Cole does here. She twists the facts to play the victim card. There was a video of Cole’s son making racial statements on an Instagram post that was publicly available back in January. We saw the video. We have the video.

:26- Cole states that this issue with her son should not be made on public record and that a student’s name should not be shared. The problem with Cole’s argument is that the Instagram post of Cole’s son making a racial comment was publicly available. Racial comments, whether it’s in jest or seriously made, by a family member of a sitting school board member is in fact a story.

:30 – Cole does not get to declare privacy on a public video or when she talks about her family publicly. That is not how the internet works. Student’s names are regularly published in the Free Lance star in the high school sports section and at school board meetings.

:48 – Cole claims that Searles made multiple infractions over a number of meetings. Cole’s word soup is on full display here. She follows up saying that Searles used profanity at students yet does not actually provide evidence.

1:20 – Cole requests that Gillespie recuse herself from the vote on the motion to censor Searles. Cole brings up Gillespie’s son and Searles daughter claiming they are dating. Cole’s hypocrisy is amazing. Cole does not want her son mentioned in public forum yet mentions a personal allegation with the children of Searles and Gillespie?

Lacking Decorum, Part 6

Here is a video clip of Nicole Cole’s obnoxious reaction when she was unable to hear fellow board member Rabih Abuismail’s vote. Nasty Nicole provides a learning moment for children about proper manners and tone of voice. What is a better way to say something to Mr Abuismail? I bet we have a lot of elementary school students that could handle this situation better.

Lacking Decorum, Part 1

The lack of decorum at school board meetings has primarily come from school board members Nicole Cole, Lorita Daniels, and Dawn Shelley. The local news media’s narrative would have you believe otherwise. Below is a video clip of Nicole Cole’s lack of decorum.

School board member Lisa Phelps has the floor. Yet, Cole attempts to interrupt and talk over Phelps. Cole gets progressively louder. At the end, Twigg tells Cole that this is not a fourth-grade class. Nasty Nicole acts worse than a 4th grader.