Daniels & Shelley Avoids Condemning Cole’s Racism

Spotsylvania County school board members Lorita Daniels and Dawn Shelley avoided condemning fellow school board member Nicole Cole’s racist rant on Facebook. That speaks volumes. They are now on record as supporting Cole’s racism. Below is the link to the video of the resolution and the vote.

Cole, Daniels, and Shelley have either double down on the racist comments or attempted to deflect them. Prior to the vote, Shelley started to justify Cole’s statements. Daniels deflected by preaching unity. We are not buying any of this because the words that Nicole Cole wrote stand on their own. We can see this issue being associated with all three of them perpetually. If Cole offered an apology or stated the word choice was poor, this issue probably would have gone away.

Instead, Nicole Cole racist rant ends up as the biggest local political scandal of the past 10 to 20 years. Yet, the local newspaper barely covers it. This left-wing news outlet regularly provides cover for the left members of the school board. If conservatives Twigg, Gillespie, Abuismail, or Phelps made this post on Facebook, we suspect it would be front page news and on every news channel. The double standard exists with the local newspaper.

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