Nasty Nicole’s Racist Rant

Spotsylvania County school board member Nicole Cole posted a racist rant on her Facebook page. Cole needs to resign from the school board immediately. There is no room for a racist individual on the dais. Let’s look at her comments point by point.

“Most American’s hearts are pained today because of the continued terrorist murders of people and children of color at the hands of white nationalists.”

Cole does not waste any time pointing out race. That is what a racist does. Race is the least relevant issue. If we are going to talk about race, Cole incorrectly points out that the shooter is white and that it was children of color. The shooter and the majority of victims are Hispanic. Yet in Cole’s world, everything is about race. Cole attacks Hispanics by making this racist rhetoric. What the hell does pointing out race have anything to do with this situation?

They not only authorize and support guns in hands of anyone, they actively support radical domestic terrorist organizations and ideology to GROOM these shooters.

Nasty Nicole’s ignorance is on full display. This is such a gross over generalization. Conflating the evil act that took place with say the legitimate self-defense use of a firearms is such a gross mischaracterization. The issue is not the inanimate object. The issue is the individual decision that was used to commit an evil act. Nasty Nicole, in her typical leftist ideology, wants to bypass individual decision making and blame the inanimate object.

One thought on “Nasty Nicole’s Racist Rant

  1. Cole’s hate is only surpassed by her braindead incomprehension of the facts. How can these people continually conflate everything down to racism. It’s no wonder that we can’t have rational discussion with woke progressives. Thomas Sowell spoke wisdom when he said that “It is usually futile to try to talk facts and analysis to people who are enjoying a sense of moral superiority in their ignorance.”

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