Letter to the Editor: Explicit Books

Here is an editorial on the explicit books issue in public schools. When the left is confronted by specific examples, they pivot away and reframe the issue into a generalized issue on censorship or illiteracy. The left will never directly confront the specific examples. Here is the editorial.

It’s a sad day in education when local, elected officials defend the retention of obscene materials be made available to minors in the very public schools they oversee. 

Nicole Coles’ social media commenting are despicable, disparaging and disgusting, in her very biased comments concerning the current book challenges.

Nicole Cole support books containing incest, bestiality, sexual assaults, orgasms, pedophilia, grooming and masturbation, only further serves to prove to parents that public education has fallen so far, it’s not worth saving. 

Did Nicole Cole’s voters really elect a leftist pundit, to a school board so she could defend such books?  Where is her feverish support for improving math, history, science, language, arts, etc?  She seems to have made it her personal mission to defend the indefensible. 

What educational goals do these books serve?  All educational tax dollars are required to be spent towards educational goals?  Are SCPS and Nicole Cole’s goal to subject minors to obscene material?  Are their goals to expose our children to content they are not mature enough to handle? 

Nicole Cole attempted to violate a parents’ free speech, while reading the passages, stating they are inappropriate for younger listeners.  Well, Nicole, VA law defines a minor as under the age of 18.  VA law does not make further distinctions.

Given her bias on these books, any appeal that reaches the school board, she should recuse herself from.  She is clearly not going to be impartial. 

Perhaps Nicole Cole missed the VA Beach victory of a circuit court judge ruling two books obscene.  One of which is in our schools and still available at Riverbend high school.  It’s A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah Maas.  The next steps it seems is the attorney finding out who exactly in the school administration is responsible for supplying, what is essentially, porn, to minors and holding them accountable.

It will be interesting to see how that plays out and is replicated across VA, to include SCPS.   

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