3/7 School Board Meeting, Public Comments Part 3

Here is the speech by Roy Searles during public comments at the 3/7/2022 school board meeting.  According to the CDC, 1 in 4 Americans has a disability such as ADHD, brain injury, diabetes, etc. Many that have a disability are fully functional members of society. For example, former school board member Erin Grampp mentioned having a brain injury disability yet was fit to serve on the school board. Inclusiveness for those with disabilities should be promoted.


School board member Dawn Shelley has experience working with children with disabilities. Searles alludes to Twigg having a disability. The Spotsy Wire cannot confirm this. If Twigg does have a disability, then Shelley’s constant interruptions, screaming, and derogatory language towards Twigg while he is speaking is mental abuse. This goes against “disability inclusiveness”.

This raises several questions. If Shelley engages in mental abuse of adults that have disabilities, how does she behave around children with disabilities? Why is Shelley not promoting disability inclusiveness? Given her well documented behavior at school board meetings, how is she still employed as an educator at an elementary school in Stafford County?

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