Rules for Thee but not for me with FOIA Violations

If we agree that we should hold our elected leaders accountable for FOIA violations, then we should not look the other way when the left majority violated FOIA at the December 13 school board meeting. The legal matter that the Edwards Law Firm announced on behalf of Makaila Keyes is a partisan political effort to attack the conservatives on a case that lacks merit. The Edwards Law Firm and Makaila Keyes leaves the left members of the school board untouched.

Dawn Shelley was the school board chair in December 2021. Shelley rushed to revisit the superintendent’s contract just before the new board took office in January. She led the effort to violate FOIA and Virginia Code 22.1-60 by illegally modifying former Superintendent Scott Baker’s contract without the required 30 days’ notice to the public. A separation agreement is in fact a contract.

The public nor the board were notified the required 30 days to digest the contract proposal. We covered this back in our January 13 post. Link is below

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