About that Student Town Hall…

There was a student town hall at Courtland High School scheduled on March 9 with school board members Lorita Daniels and Nicole Cole. Although it was cancelled, it is clear that Cole and Daniels planned on indoctrinating kids with their political stances. The town hall was advertised for students only. The questions needed to be submitted in advance. Daniels and Cole wanted to clearly control the narrative.

This speaks to the bigger problem of the student advisory committee or students on the dais making motions at school board meetings. Cole, Daniels, and Shelley are pushing for children to shape public policy about things they do not have the life experience to understand. These politicians are taking advantage of the inexperienced youth to further their political ambitions.

When the students speak at school board meetings, you can hear their enthusiasm and idealism. However, the real world does not work this way. In the real world, people do not get along and political games are played in all areas of life. The students are too naive to realize this. However, do not blame the kids. Blame Cole, Shelley, and Daniels for taking advantage of the children.

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