VSBA and the May 16 Adele Hit Piece

The Virginia School Board Association (VSBA) spends time advocating for many far-left positions. VSBA maintains a legislative priorities document for their lobbying efforts in the state legislature. VSBA members even went after parents protesting in Loudoun County. VSBA continues to be a long-time affiliate of the National School Board Association (NSBA) which is the same organization that has pushed CRT in education, equity instead of equality of opportunity, etc.

Adele Uphaus from the Free Lance Star wrote an article implying misconduct by three of the conservatives on the school board. Adele suggests that the educational conference is political, so it is an ethics violation. Adele also mentions that school board members Dawn Shelley and Nicole Cole were denied the opportunity to attend VSBA events.

The article by Adele is nothing more than a hypocritical hit piece that lacks some basic context and basic research. The VSBA is clearly a political organization otherwise they wouldn’t spend so much time lobbying. Spotsylvania County schools has had a close association with VSBA for years. Spotsy schools has used tax payer dollars to pay membership dues to VSBA.

It’s amusing watching the reaction online. Many commenters on the left suggest that the conservatives attending the educational conference is corruption or a waste of taxpayer dollars. Yet, the left makes no mention about how Spotsy Schools has spent a lot of taxpayer dollars over many years to the political VSBA organization. This waste was condoned by the left block on the school board in years past.

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