VSBA Double Standard

The Free Lance Star and ABC 7 News implied that misconduct occurred when the conservatives on the school board attended an education conference sponsored by Middle Resolution PAC. These media organizations claimed it was an ethics violation to attend a conference associated with a political organization.

If this is the standard that the Free Lance Star, Adele Uphaus, and ABC 7 use, then certainly the same standard applies to leftist school board members Dawn Shelley, Nicole Cole, and Lorita Daniels. All three have promoted and associated with the Virginia School Board Association. The recent Free Lance Star article mentioned that Shelley and Cole wanted to attend a VSBA event paid with taxpayer dollars but were denied by Twigg.

The VSBA is a political and partisan organization as mentioned in our May 16 article. Below are screenshots of the lobbying efforts performed by the VSBA on the Virginia Public Access Project website. Lobbying is a political activity for a partisan effort. Dawn Shelley stated at a recent school board meeting that she wanted to pay VSBA for the superintendent search with taxpayer dollars. Dawn Shelley has been using VSBA events paid for by taxpayer dollars to get professional learning credits for her teacher certs.

The hypocrisy is self-evident. The Free Lance Star, Adele Uphaus, and ABC 7 news are all hypocrites. They do not want to mention that VSBA is political and partisan. They do not want to hold the same standard. They do not want to mention that taxpayer money went to a political and partisan organization. We wonder how many payments were made to VSBA when the left controlled the school board in the past five years. To see our earlier article on why VSBA is a partisan political organization, go here – https://spotsywire.com/2022/05/16/vsba-and-the-may-16-adele-hit-piece/

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