Shameful Shelley & Adele, Part 1

Spotsylvania County school board member Dawn Shelley, otherwise known as Shameful Shelley, has been forwarding Adele Uphaus of the Free Lance Star many of the email exchanges with school board members without a FOIA request. It is clear that Shelley is working with Adele Uphaus of the Free Lance Star to set a narrative against the conservative four members of the school board.

Shelley regularly pontificates about following board policy and code of ethics. Yet, she regularly violates all of this by using her position on the school board for partisan political purposes. Shameful Shelley is not the media representative of Spotsylvania County schools. Shelley was not tasked with contacting the media thru official school board directions. Shelley has uncoupled herself from the school board. Shameful Shelley needs to be censured with further legal consultation from VDOE and legal.

On January 6, 2022, Dawn Shelley took it upon herself to forward 11 emails directly to Adele Uphaus of the Free Lance Star. Shelley allowed the Free Lance Star to bypass the FOIA process. Below is a sampling of 6 out of those 11 emails. Shelley forwarded emails that argued against holding the January 10 school board meeting at Riverbend to Adele Uphaus. Shelley even forwarded Phelps’s out of office away message to Adele even though we see little value in that. We have seen Shelley forward Adele Uphaus over 60 emails. Seems like Shelley is doing all of this for political purposes.

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