Shameful Shelley & Adele, Part 2

Spotsylvania County school board member Dawn Shelley has sent emails to fellow board members and blind carbon copies Adele Uphaus of the Free Lance Star. Adele Uphaus and Dawn Shelley’s collaboration avoids the FOIA process and costs. Shelley is clearly doing this for partisan political purposes to undermine the conservative majority on the school board.

A FOIA request requires a FOIA officer to review requested information. The law requires that certain information is redacted as part of the review process. If any ordinary citizen wanted these emails, they would have to go thru the FOIA process and pay.

In emails dated January 12, January 17, and January 19th, Shelley BCCs Adele Uphaus. Below is a sampling of 4 out of those 8 emails. Shameful Shelley attempts to elicit a response from Twigg. Can you blame Twigg for not responding since Shameful Shelley is keeping Adele in the loop on everything?

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