Shameful Shelley & Adele, Part 3

School Board member Dawn Shelley collaborates with Adele Uphaus and Martin Davis of the Free Lance Star. Many of the articles in the Free Lance Star cover the conservative majority (Phelps, Twigg, Gillespie, Abuismail) in a negative light while portraying the left minority (Shelley, Cole, Daniels) in a positive light.

The Free Lance Star has no incentive to cover the news in a neutral objective manner because of this collaboration. This probably explains why the conservatives do not speak to the Free Lance Star. Look at the emails below for examples of this collaboration.

In the March 17 email, Shameful Shelley offers to talk to Adele Uphaus about an upcoming agenda. In the May 12 email, Shameful Shelley asks questions like a reporter as she BCCs Davis and Uphaus. In the May 15 email, Shameful Shelley provides Uphaus and Davis a preview of an email that she will send the next day. If the newspaper is truly objective and neutral, would we really see this type of close interaction with a politician on the school board?

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