Our Anniversary

The Spotsy Wire just celebrated our 1-year anniversary on June 24th. We appreciate all our readers and subscribers. As independent journalists, we cover news not covered by the local commercial news media. We also inject some humor into the mix. Much of the local news media write stories lacking context because they are nothing more than leftist propaganda outlets. Although we have covered mostly school news over the last year, we provide the balance against the local news outlets.

The Spotsy Wire has broken many news stories well before the local news media cover them. For example, the Spotsy Wire was the first to cover the scandal surrounding former school board candidate Rich Lieberman’s sexually explicit social media posts and the Nicole Cole racist comments. The FLS briefly mentioned those scandals weeks after we reported on those stories.

We also would like to give a shout out to the cast of characters in local politics that earned special nicknames because of their behavior – Nasty Nicole, Shameful Shelley, Lying Lorita, Shake & Bake, Crackabouski, The Napster, Looney Lofaro, Kellogg’s Kassie, Gargamel and of course the pillar of the community himself (sarcasm), Dirty Uncle Rich.

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