Special Meeting on 7/8

There is school board special meeting on July 8th. Screenshots of the agenda are below. The main agenda item is a discussion on the two final candidates for Superintendent. We hope to find answers to the following questions.

  • Will Phelps, Gillespie, Twigg, or Abuismail develop a migraine after listening to Shameful Shelley or Nasty Nicole ramble on and on?
  • Will Dirty Uncle use his wizard powers to cast a woke spell on the Fantastic Four, so they choose a woke superintendent?
  • In a plot twist, is Shake and Bake about to make his triumphant return?

2 thoughts on “Special Meeting on 7/8

  1. Who is the interim superintendent right now for Spotsy? The past one resigned as of June 30. Please tell me the school district has one because they should not being running a school district without one ! This happened last time the school board seemed to forget after firing Baker they needed to have a superintendent in place.


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