If Jatras is the Superintendent…

Earlier today, we reported on the tweet from Jim Jatras potentially being a candidate for Superintendent of Spotsylvania County schools. If Jatras is a candidate for superintendent, is this really a surprise? Let’s look at the situation.

  • He has extensive political experience as a former diplomat and foreign policy advisor
  • He has spoken at many school board meetings in support of the conservative majority
  • He has extensive ties to the movers and shakers in Washington DC

The conservative members of the school board were elected with a mandate to change the public school division. Given the ideological divide between the conservatives and the leftists on the school board, we can see this being a 4-3 vote assuming Jatras is the guy. Jatras is a firebrand conservative. He is the outside the box candidate that Spotsylvania County schools need. Managing the policy structure of tens of thousands of children in a school division is probably easier than managing the policy structure of hundreds of millions of people.

We predict a Jatras administration would send shockwaves throughout the county and accomplish the following in very short order in the school division.

  • Remove EQUITY from the mission statement and replace it with EQUAL OPPORTUNITY
  • Remove all explicit books from the library of each school
  • Remove all woke agendas and identity politics
  • Support teachers by giving them the tools to help children excel in the workplace
  • Focus the school division on the basics – reading, writing, history, science, and math
  • Remove the school division’s association with SEA, VSBA, and other woke organizations

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