The SEA Problem in Spotsy

The Spotsylvania Education Association (SEA) is a teacher’s “union” that promotes partisan left issues. Below are screenshots of the SEA Facebook page. The first screenshot shows SEA members attending the National Education Association (NEA) convention in Chicago. The second screenshot shows SEA promoting labor unions.

SEA is associated with the radical leftist NEA organization. The NEA is the same organization that proposed a resolution to change “mother” to “birthing parent”. Redefining words is both Orwellian and comical. SEA members include many teachers in the Spotsylvania County school division. Is it any wonder why parents in Spotsylvania County are concerned about indoctrination instead of education?

SEA is a union that does not have collective bargaining powers. Hopefully it stays that way. The problem with public sector unions that hold collective bargaining powers is that they bargain against the taxpayer. Union dues are spent to elect pro-union politicians. Those same pro-union politicians negotiate with the same union for taxpayer dollars which in turn pays the union. This corrupt circular cycle continues on and on and on.

One thought on “The SEA Problem in Spotsy

  1. This is extremely important. SEA/NEA isn’t just a teachers union. It’s a hard left Woke advocacy group with radical positions on “systemic racism,” sexuality, “gender identity,” “reproductive freedom,” etc.. SEA is NEA’s local cat’s paw to groom Spotsylvania children without parental and taxpayer oversight. It’s imperative that Fantastic Four SB majority appoint an outsider Superintendent who’s not part of the Borg.

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