Daniels Rant at the 8/8 Meeting

Here is our response to the board member comments by Lorita Daniels. The purpose of the school division is not to promote inclusiveness or equity. The purpose of the school division to provide you the tools to get a job. Nothing more, nothing less. Equity is divisive concept. Inclusiveness has evolved to nothing more than virtue signaling and pandering.

One thought on “Daniels Rant at the 8/8 Meeting

  1. Equity is Marxism. It demands students be treated differently based on their race in order to achieve equal outcomes. Equal outcomes is not an achievable goal. All people are not the same and do not perform the same. Inclusiveness implies we are excluding students which is patently false. In practice, inclusiveness EXCLUDES those of certain races and constitutes a violation of our Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause. Treating students or staff differently based on race creates a hostile work and education environment in violation of our Civil Rights Acts.

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