The Superintendent License

According to 8VAC20-23-630 of the Virginia administrative code, there are four options to obtain a superintendent license. The Spotsylvania County school board has chosen the Option IV path for Superintendent candidate Mark Taylor. There is nothing in the administrative code that allows the Virginia Board of Education (VBOE) to introduce subjective criteria outside of the criteria set in 8VA20-23-630.

If the VBOE could introduce subjective criteria outside the confines of 8VA20-23-630 of the administrative code, it would make the process to hire a Superintendent more political. It will undermine the will of the Spotsylvania County voters that elected a conservative majority on the school board. We believe subjective criteria would set a precedent that would create bigger problems state-wide.

Let’s pretend for a minute that Loudoun County, Fairfax County, or another left leaning county wanted to hire a leftist superintendent candidate. Since there is a conservative majority on the VBOE right now with 5 Youngkin appointees, what would happen if VBOE did not allow a leftist candidate? We think our friends on the left would be in an uproar. We hope you see our point on why the VBOE decision cannot be subjective.

Mr. Taylor meets all the requirements of the Option IV path as outlined below. If VBOE could operate subjectively in this process, why bother having the administrative code to begin with?

  • “Earned a master’s degree or its equivalent from a regionally accredited college or university” – Yes, Mr. Taylor holds a law degree, so he has gone above and beyond a basic bachelor’s degree.
  • “A minimum of three years of successful, full-time experience in a senior leadership position, such as chief executive officer or senior military officer” – Yes, Mr. Taylor has been the county administrator for Spotsylvania County and Greene County for well over 3 years.
  • “Be recommended by a Virginia school board interested in employing the individual as superintendent.” – Yes, the Spotsylvania County school board voted the recommendation at the August 25, 2022 school board meeting.

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