What’s Coming for Spotsy if the Radicals Win

Mark Taylor starts his tenure as the new Superintendent of Spotsylvania County Schools on November 1. However, the radical left is still trying to stop Taylor from being the Superintendent thru legal action. We find it comical that radicals such as Dawn Shelley, Nicole Cole, Lorita Daniels and others support legal action to overturn a 4-3 decision by the conservative majority.

If the radicals are successful in the court system, then a radical agenda will come to Spotsylvania County. Parental rights will go away because Shameful Shelley, Nasty Nicole, and Lying Lorita believe that they know more about your child than you do as a parent. They will continue to deny equality of opportunity in favor of radical socialist ideology known as equity (equality of outcome). There will support anti-science ideology on genders. The playbook for this is on the NEA website and AFT website. (links below)




This is why all conservatives in Spotsylvania County should rally against the tactics of these radicals. There are frivolous lawsuits all over. This includes an appeal of the frivolous Makaila Keyes case. There is a hearing for a frivolous injunction against Taylor taking the Superintendent role. Shameful Shelley and Nasty Nicole promote anything that undermine the conservative majority. Dirty Uncle Rich continues to promote propaganda at the VDOE meeting. If conservatives are ok with the radical agenda being pushed by the left, by all means stay on the sidelines. If conservatives are not ok with this, then stand up against these radicals undermining the conservative majority on the school board.

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