Pre-Budget Work Session on November 7

There is a pre-budget work session of the Spotsylvania County school board on November 7. Screenshots of the agenda are below. Here are some topics of interest on the agenda.

  • Strategic Plan Review
  • Proposed CIP Plan
  • Carryover funds request
  • Action Item – Approval of Budget Amendment CIP Roll forward
  • Action Item – Approval of Proposed Carryover Use

Although there are no public comments, the meeting ends with a school board discussion about budget priorities. We hope the following questions will be answered at this meeting

  • Will Nasty Nicole announce another lawsuit against Mark Taylor?
  • Will Shameful Shelley request that the school budget prioritize the purchase of a new 2023 car for Shelley?
  • Will Lying Lorita ask for a silly equity committee again?
  • Will Dirty Uncle Rich, Kellogg’s Kassie, and Looney Lofaro spread more conspiracy theories?

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