Cole Defends Obscene Books

It is remarkable to watch the leftist school board members double down on supporting obscene explicit books in schools. Yet, these same school board members are triggered when the same explicit books are read out loud in a school board meeting. The attached screenshots show email exchanges between Nicole Cole and Jen Petersen. It shows how Cole double downs on supporting explicit books and then engages in ad hominem attacks towards Ms. Petersen.

Nicole Cole, Lorita Daniels, and Dawn Shelley have no consistency in their argument. They claim that children could be watching television when explicit material is read during a school board meeting. They claim reading a book is different than speaking. The problem with their argument is rooted on parental awareness and control. A parent can see for themselves what happens at a school board meeting before allowing a child to watch a meeting. A parent can control what a child watches. However, a parent cannot control their kid’s access to explicit books in a school library because the parent is separated from the child during the school day.

Shameful Shelley, Lying Lorita, and Nasty Nicole support the position that book decisions are made by “expert” educators without parental input. The educators supposedly know more than parents. This is why they attack parents when this issue is brought up. The so called “expert” educators allowing these books to enter the schools are charlatans.

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