Fundraiser to Fight Shelley’s Frivolous Court Case

Leftist Spotsylvania County School board member Dawn Shelley has appealed the judge’s decision to dismiss her case on January 18th against Roy Searles. The judge was quick to point out that Shelley did not have evidence to support her allegations of threats or harm. Shelley’s own affidavit states that Searles did not threaten her. During court, there was discussions that the initial judge should have never signed off on the temporary restraining order because it lacked merit. The appeal is clearly frivolous. The hearing is scheduled for January 23.

Fundraiser Link for Searles vs Shelley

Dawn Shelley is weaponizing the legal system against Searles in order to infringe upon his first amendment rights and parental rights. Remember, the judge said Shelley had no evidence. A fundraiser has been setup to fight Shelley in court. Searles points out in his fundraiser that this case is much bigger than him. If Shelley is successful, then Shelly can go after any parent she disagrees with and file restraining orders against parents without evidence.

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