The Freedom Middle School Survey

Here are screenshots of a letter from Freedom Middle School’s principal Eric Wright about a student survey and screenshots of the proposed survey. Note a few things.

  • A parent does not have access to their child’s answers on the student survey.
  • There are questions about student’s sexual orientation and gender identity (highlighted in yellow)
  • Why provide leading questions to students? Leading questions elicits a certain type of response to create misleading data.

This survey shows that educators are functioning in the role of indoctrinating middle school age children (ages 12 to 14) by giving validity to identity politics when asking sexual orientation or gender identity questions. Why keep a child’s answers a secret from parents? The idea that one can subjectively change their gender and impose this subjective believe system on others goes directly against scientific fact. That is hardly a controversial statement.

For those of us that live in objective reality, there can only be males and females. How do we know that? Since the beginning of time there has only been one way to procreate. It requires a male and a female. Procreation is not possible thru one’s subjective identity.

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