The Corrupt Bargain by the Maintenance Department

At the upcoming February 13th school board meeting, there is an agenda item regarding approval of contracts for skilled trade services. Although agenda item 4.07 may look innocent, we believe that the top people in charge of the Spotsylvania County Public Schools (SCPS) Maintenance Department will use these contracts to extort the taxpayer, compromise student safety, and compromise the jobs of the current school maintenance workers.

The SCPS Director of Maintenace Shawn Hockaday and SCPS Director of Operations Kenny Forrest will have a blank check of up to $250,000 for any project they deem “as needed” per agenda item 4.07. Anyone that has the unilateral power to make decisions on huge amounts of taxpayer money without oversight is open to abuse and corruption. What is to prevent Director Hockaday from seeking to fire existing school maintenance workers in lieu of hiring a contractor?

We vehemently oppose the school board approving this request from SCPS Director of Maintenance and the SCPS Director of Operations. Is Hockaday and Forest really choosing to replace SCPS maintenance workers with outside contractors? Their plan of chaos will not help repair SCPS buildings and facility infrastructure. Their plan leaves unsafe conditions for our kids and unnecessary chaos. Maybe Hockaday’s goal is to create hostility and discontent by blaming the school board majority and superintendent for the fired maintenance staff with the illusion that the school board majority does not want the kids safe. We predict that Daniels, Cole and Shelly will approve this request so they can continue to play with the false political narrative.

This leads us to wonder how many other blank checks were requested by these directors that the public does not know about? It’s time for Spotsy parents to realize what is happening and to stop listening to the relentless untruths from Shameful Shelley, Lying Lorita, and Nasty Nicole.

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