Wondering why Twigg’s Case was moved to Albermarle County

The office of the Albermarle County Commonwealth’s Attorney will handle Spotsylvania County School Board member Kirk Twigg’s court case. We looked into the donors for Albermarle County Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Hingeley’s campaign and found many big money donors from the far left. Democrat Virginia Senator Creigh Deeds donated over $10,000. The Soros funded Justice and Public Safety PAC donated $8000.00. The Democratic Party of Albermarle County donated $5100.00. It makes you wonder why Twigg’s case was moved to far-left Albermarle County.

Sonjia Smith donated $114,000 to Hingeley’s campaign. Who is Sonjia Smith? According to the Virginia Mercury, Smith is a former attorney married to a billionaire hedge fund manager that supports many far-left causes. Smith has made many big money donations to far-left politicians in Albermarle County and throughout Virginia according to VPAP.

We found an interesting example of how money apparently moves around. Kenneth Sneathern is a judge in Charlottesville General District Court. Smith donated $20000.00 to Sneathern’s campaign for Commonwealth’s Attorney according to VPAP in 2018. Sneathern later donated $9635.00 to Hingeley’s campaign for Commonwealth’s Attorney in November 2018. Smith seems to have an influence with everyone on the far-left in Albermarle County.

Virginia Mercury article – https://www.virginiamercury.com/2021/05/17/with-big-money-behind-progressive-challengers-2021-could-be-test-case-for-charlottesville-donors-influence/

VPAP link to Kenneth Sneathern – https://www.vpap.org/committees/323974/top_donors/

VPAP link to Jim Hingeley – https://www.vpap.org/committees/326469/hingeley-for-albemarle-commonwealth-attorney-jim/

VPAP link to Sonjia Smith – https://www.vpap.org/donors/3320-s-sonjia-smith/

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