The Woke Meltdown, Part 1

Anti-child far-left activists spent this past weekend holding meetings to coordinate attacks against conservatives on the Spotsylvania County School Board. When the school board meeting was cancelled on Monday, many on the left had a meltdown on social media. It disrupted their coordinated attacks.

Below are screenshots of two zoom meetings from this past weekend setup by far-left anti-child activists. School Board candidate Carol Medawar, Riverbend High school teacher Nicole McCloskey, and Caitlin Bennett attended. Screenshots are below. We heard Nasty Nicole attended this meeting too.

  • Crackpot Carol was one of the higher ups in the National Education Association (NEA). She lost her school board races in Stafford County before setting up residency in Spotsylvania County.
  • Maniac McCloskey is a teacher at Riverbend High School. She is an activist teacher that used to comment frequently on Spotsy Wire before we placed her in time-out for bad behavior.
  • Caitlin Bennett is the campaign manager for far-left senate candidate Ben Leachfield, the Septic Drane Field. Leachfield’s far left views are a danger to students.

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