Explicit Books Removed

Spotsylvania County Schools will remove 14 sexually explicit books from all school libraries. This is a big win for parental rights and the students of Spotsylvania County. Here are screenshots of the press release. This is also getting a lot of media attention.

It is clear that many librarians and supposed “educators” are not capable of performing their basic job function of protecting children by screening the books before entering the library. Yet, some “educators” argue censorship in their defense of explicit books in the school library. That is the core problem. The litmus test on a keeping a book in the school library is whether it provides educational value in the classroom. Explicit books provide no educational value.

Parents are the ultimate decision-making authority on appropriate books for their child. Since parents are not present at public school libraries during the day, parents cannot be central in the decision-making on what their child sees. Woke educators take advantage of this. Explicit books are better in a public library or purchased from a book vendor. Why? The parent is central to the decision on the book purchase. The parent is central to the decision on what their child can view in a public library. The parent can not do that at a school.




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