Motivation for Lieberman’s Attacks on Maxwell

Earlier this month, Rich Lieberman conducted an interview with Sheriff’s candidate Steve Maxwell. The interview proved to be a setup for Lieberman to attack Maxwell’s character. What was Lieberman’s motivation for attacking Maxwell’s character? Let’s follow the money.

Lieberman, thru his business called “Leader in Sports”, donated $2000.00 to Maxwell’s opponent. This donation occurred prior to the interview with Maxwell. Lieberman is the 2nd highest donor to Maxwell’s opponent in 2023. Now we have established motive for the attacks on Maxwell.

Although Lieberman claims to be non-partisan, he is nothing more than a political hack that pushes a woke agenda. His nickname, “Uncle Rich”, comes from his creepy posts on a website called “Model Mayhem”. See the screenshots below. Uncle Rich spent time recruiting young ladies barely out of school for swimsuit calendars. More on Uncle Rich can be found at this link –

One thought on “Motivation for Lieberman’s Attacks on Maxwell

  1. Interesting. Is there a reason this creep has “Don’t tell your father” prominently displayed on the page? He is making money exploiting young women. He is a predator. He is insane by any reasonable assessment. Unfortunately, he is an apt reflection of the left. The choices couldn’t be more clear folks. Perhaps the rest of us need to be “woke” to the perversion, corruption, hatred, racism, intolerance, sanctioned violence and intimidation the progressives use to ram their agenda down our throats. One can no longer “go along to get all no”, as that only results in more despotism. Vote them out. Shun them as they shun you. There is a difference between tolerating something and accepting something. Never accept their ideology, nor their lies.
    John Galt

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