Another Early Voting Location

The Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisors recently approved a lease for space in a shopping center off route 208 for an early voting location. Could it be that progressives inside the registrar’s office wanted another voting location away from county offices where there are cameras present? Just sayin……

One thought on “Another Early Voting Location

  1. I would like to respond to the unscrupulous article put out by Martin Davis from Friday August 18, 2023. Where the NAACP was quoted along with State Senator Bryce Reeves in the election interference of the NAACP. Please see the attached document as my response to this hit piece. I have been waiting on the corrected response from Mo Petway and he said he denied that the NAACP was attempting to remove me from the ballot, as they have found out I am completely qualified to be on the ballot for Sheriff, but so far they have not provided this letter.

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