The Childress Money Trail

According to VPAP, there has been $13000.00 in donations to the campaign of Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisors candidate Gerald Childress in 2023. The donations to the Childress campaign tell the story. Gene Brown, Judson Honaker, and Charles Payne donated to the Childress campaign. What an amazing coincidence! There just so happens to be developers with these same names!

Coincidentally, there is a Gene Brown that is the Vice President of Atlantic Builders, a Jud Honaker associated with Silver Development, and a Charles Payne who is the attorney that seems to represent anyone that wants to develop something in Spotsylvania County. Isn’t this strange coincidence weird, right?

Childress is the current chair of the Spotsylvania County planning commission. Do these donations suggest Childress will vote to push more development in Spotsylvania County? This seems like crony capitalism. Could there be a “pay to play” scheme here? Is Childress looking to make Spotsylvania County look like Fairfax County?

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