Moronically Mendacious Mob

Political Season is no longer “in season”, it has gone into full overdrive. With that comes a bevy of stories from the radical left, even those who self-identify as conservatives. “Look at my voting record everybody”, yet their actions are the only thing you need to look at or the lack there of. Don’t we all love the lefty claim that politics shouldn’t be in our schools. However, they hold zoom meetings across multiple counties and meet in musty libraries to coordinate their messages for the next schoolboard and board of supervisors’ meetings. It sounds eerily the same every year, “IF YOU DON’T FULLY FUND THE BUDGET, YOU HATE KIDS”. Spotsywire thinks them highly educated folks don’t have a 101 class in dem fancy universities for 7 ways to be a highly effective communicator or how to win over a crowd with sane, calm, and rational thought. Baba Yaga is out there, and she WANTS TO DESTROY EVERYTHING WE BUILT. Good lord, get a grip. Maybe they are incapable of it. Mommy and Daddy didn’t say ‘no’ enough to them as kids or they were legitimately victimized in some form along the way. Never got the help they needed we suppose.

Everybody who runs for office is guess what? That’s right, a politician. Remember if you are a lefty activist, the first thing you do is point out the endorsements and nominations of the conservatives and ignore the fact where endorsements and nominations have come from the democrat party. These people are so disingenuous.  We will quote Malcolm X, “The White liberal is the worst enemy to America and the worst enemy to the Black man.” We think in today’s environment that statement needs a rewrite. “The White liberal is the worst enemy to America.” He warns of the White Liberal who strives for power. Why have the schoolboard meetings gone off the rails over the last two years, the lack of power. Dawn, Nicole, Rich, Kassie, Bill, Megan, and the whole cast of characters tell the politicians how much they hate kids at budget season. Well, they just don’t like change. They had it easy under the previous administration. They could ignore parents’ plea to nip bullying, improve food services, return to in-person learning, and them books. Look at how well Dawn and Lorita played in the sandbox when they had the majority compared to now. Nicole jumps into the Battlefield seat with her visceral and disgusting antics, by the way endorsed by the Spotsy Democrat party, guess they endorse this kind of behavior. Nothing to see here.

But to say that it is just the liberal who has brought our country to today would be a flat-out inaccurate statement. Malcolm X also mentions the “White conservative” who jockey for power as does that untrustworthy white liberal. If Malcolm was here today, we think he would readily use the term RINO, republican in name only. The RINO, you know the types like Bobby, Bob, Lynn, Bryce, Christy and Chris, that good ole conservative in it for themselves. They act the way they do, all high and mighty, to make themselves look good. They love to put down anyone who doesn’t think like them because it is a threat to their perceived power. They will send people out to do their dirty work for them. Bob and Lynn will just steal your stuff outright whenever they feel like, while the sheriff looks the other way. That “power” Malcolm X mentioned justifies their actions. Sometimes they’ll use their elected position by sending out letters on their official letterhead to persuade and intimidate folks. We won’t even get into how the legislation some politicians pass lines their own pockets. Citizens can just chalk it up as some really REALLY good luck bestowed upon them, wink wink.  Check them legislator’s voting records and personal holdings. Nothing to see here.

What a wonderful time to be alive. When the radical liberal and RINO work together we have serious problems to contend with. It accelerates the downfall of our country. Record inflation, schools on a steady decline for the last 20 to 30 years. Social media platforms to provide you with all the endorphins you could possibly want or need when likeminded people validate you with a blue thumbs up. Be careful what you vote for Spotsy. Some change is good or tolerable, and some change screws everyone over.

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