23 Explicit Books Removed

Spotsylvania County Schools announced that they removed 23 sexually explicit books from school libraries. The press release notes that 70% of parents in a recent school survey expressed that they did not want children to have access to explicit books. That makes sense. Explicit books do not serve any educational purpose. Explicit books do not teach any skills to prepare for the workforce. Taxpayer money is no longer wasted storing, maintaining, or purchasing explicit books.

We suspect Wokeys such as Marxist Megan Jackson, Shameful Shelley, Nasty Nicole, Radical Rodas, Lying Lorita, and Crackpot Carol will spin this issue as a book ban. However, those of us with a functioning prefrontal cortex will see no ban taking place because one can still purchase these books from vendors or go to a local public library. The Wokeys would like you to think there is ban instead of thinking about how explicit books serve an educational purpose or teach skills.

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