The Trojan Horse named Megan Jackson

Here are a series of pictures that provide more proof that Spotsylvania County school board candidate Megan Jackson is no moderate and is in fact on the woke left. Jackson is a Trojan horse. Why? Jackson has to pretend to be a moderate in order to have any chance in the ultra-conservative Livingston District.

Megan Jackson signage appears in the tent for the Spotsylvania Democrats at early voting. Why would the Spotsy Democrats allow her signage at their tent? Megan Jackson obviously shares the same values as the woke left.

In another picture, Megan Jackson associates with far-left school board member Lorita Daniels. Daniels believes in the far-left concept of equity. Equity is the lie that if we simply redistribute financial resources, justice will be done. Equity, which is different from equality, is the idea that no matter what bad decisions you make, any statistical disparity in say test scores must be the result of discrimination so the system must be restructured.

The final picture shows Megan Jackson associating with far-left extremists Nicole Cole and Dawn Shelley. Both Shelley and Cole both believe that the government does a much better job parenting your children than you the parent. Shelley and Cole believe explicit books teach skills for the workforce and have educational value.

Birds of a feather flock together. We believe that it’s all very clear now. Marxist Megan Jackson believes in the lies of equity, does not believe in parents’ rights, and wants to indoctrinate children with explicit books. The Livingston District can do better than the trojan horse known as Marxist Megan Jackson.

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