The Trojan Horse named Megan Jackson

Here are a series of pictures that provide more proof that Spotsylvania County school board candidate Megan Jackson is no moderate and is in fact on the woke left. Jackson is a Trojan horse. Why? Jackson has to pretend to be a moderate in order to have any chance in the ultra-conservative Livingston District.

Megan Jackson signage appears in the tent for the Spotsylvania Democrats at early voting. Why would the Spotsy Democrats allow her signage at their tent? Megan Jackson obviously shares the same values as the woke left.

In another picture, Megan Jackson associates with far-left school board member Lorita Daniels. Daniels believes in the far-left concept of equity. Equity is the lie that if we simply redistribute financial resources, justice will be done. Equity, which is different from equality, is the idea that no matter what bad decisions you make, any statistical disparity in say test scores must be the result of discrimination so the system must be restructured.

The final picture shows Megan Jackson associating with far-left extremists Nicole Cole and Dawn Shelley. Both Shelley and Cole both believe that the government does a much better job parenting your children than you the parent. Shelley and Cole believe explicit books teach skills for the workforce and have educational value.

Birds of a feather flock together. We believe that it’s all very clear now. Marxist Megan Jackson believes in the lies of equity, does not believe in parents’ rights, and wants to indoctrinate children with explicit books. The Livingston District can do better than the trojan horse known as Marxist Megan Jackson.

Strickland Slams Roger Harris & Marxist Megan Jackson

Here is a post by Matt Strickland on incumbent Sheriff candidate Roger Harris and school board candidate Megan Jackson. Harris endorsed Megan Jackson so it’s clear they have a close association and share the same California values. Steve Maxwell is clearly the only conservative in the race for Sheriff.

SRO Needs and Megan’s Stolen Parental Valor

Look at this email chain between School Board Chair Lisa Phelps and the progressive activist known as Ms. Ashtin. Ms. Ashtin is supposedly concerned about safety in Spotsylvania County schools. Although the Board of Supervisors provided funding for all schools to have SROs, the reality is that there is not an SRO inside every school 100 percent of the time.

Here is a little history. Years ago, Lisa Phelps led the effort and actually voted to get SROs inside the school division. School board candidate Marxist Megan Jackson engages in stolen parental valor in her campaign by claiming she got the SROs in schools. Remember, Marxist Megan has never been on the school board, so she never voted for SROs in the schools. If the Sherrif wants to play this charade with Marxist Megan, then you might as well vote for Steve Maxwell.

Safety is such a huge concern for the progressive activist known as Ms. Ashtin that it is apparently ok to share private information on a student with Dirty Uncle Rich. Dirty Uncle Rich, the failed school board candidate from the Lee’s Hill District who tries to remain relevant, is the same one that helped this progressive activist known as Ms. Ashtin get in and out of a bathtub after back surgery.

Birds of a Feather Flock Together Megan Jackson

Megan Jackson, known for her profanity and condescending attitude, associates with fellow Wokeys Dawn Shelley and Nicole Cole. This picture alone shows Jackson is no moderate. Any republican that associates with any of these woke individuals is not a true conservative.

Nasty Nicole Cole –

Shameful Dawn Shelley –

Immature Obnoxious Marxist Megan Jackson

These screenshots of social media comments by Spotsylvania County school board candidate Megan Jackson serve as a reminder on who she actually is. This is the real Megan Jackson – obnoxious, immature, and woke. Is this the type of behavior we should see from an individual seeking a school board seat?

Megan Jackson’s Obnoxious Immature Behavior

Here is video of Spotsylvania County School Board candidate Megan Jackson at the January 2022 school board meeting. Jackson displays immature behavior while using profanity. This is the real Megan Jackson – obnoxious, immature, and woke. Is this the type of behavior we should see from an individual seeking a school board seat?

Megan Jackson Explicit Books are not Important

Spotsylvania County School board candidate Megan Jackson stated that explicit books are not an important issue in public schools. Here is a video clip of Jackson at a school board meeting from December 2021 saying just that in her own words. It is clear she has no problem with children reading explicit books in school libraries. For those Jackson surrogates like Ms. Beardsley gaslighting everyone on social media saying otherwise, the video does not lie. CHECKMATE !