Nicole Cole Insults Parents

On Virginia State Senator Tim Anderson’s Facebook page, school board member Nicole Cole made an arrogant comment on the senate bill to remove school mask mandates. Cole attacks those opposing the mandates as having “willful ignorance of a partially educated lower middle class”. Cole stereotypes and insults parents. Who does Nicole Cole think she is?

The only one that is ignorant is Nicole Cole. We would like Ms. Cole to provide any study that shows that mask mandates actually worked. There is not a single study that shows blue states like California and New York were significantly better thru mandates compared to Florida. Cole is advocating taking your personal liberties away by imposing a mandate on you.

Nicole Cole is a tyrant. The elitist attitude that Cole displays provides insight into her voting patterns as a school board member. Cole behaves as if she can make better decisions for your child than you. It is clear that she thinks the government can solve all your problems despite government being inefficient in everything it does. Below are the screenshots and a link to the original article.

UPDATE: Nicole Cole edited her comment around 11:24pm on 2/9 to simply say “UGH”. Fortunately, we have screen captures of everything so she cannot deny she said this.

Nicole Cole’s Potential Financial Benefit

Spotsylvania County School Board member Nicole Cole runs a business that sells college financial planning services and products. Her business targets high school students and their families. The school administration has promoted Cole’s business in the past. Cole’s position on the school board allows her to influence decisions that could potentially provide her with a larger financial benefit. Therein lies the problem. It is a conflict-of-interest.

On January 31, Cole stated at the 2:07:50 mark of the school board meeting video “I really think it’s critical that we increase the counselors next year”. Regardless of the reasons used to justify that statement, Cole would be in a position to directly benefit from this financially.

Counselors, among other responsibilities, provide guidance for those that want to attend college. Cole advocates an increase in the number of counselors in the school budget. If this occurs, she can network and promote her business to more counselors. This can potentially increase her client base for her business and provide a direct financial benefit.

The school administration has supported Cole’s business regardless of the conflict of interests. On October 28, the school administration sent a mass email promoting Cole’s College seminar just days before the election. The flyer says that the seminar was promoted by a Courtland High School counselor. We covered that story at the link below

There is an easy solution to all of this. Nicole Cole should either resign from her position on the school board, refrain from voting on the budget, or shutdown her financial services business. Any one of these actions would avoid the conflict of interest. We suspect that Cole and her supporters will provide many excuses to justify this conflict of interest.

Nicole Cole’s Nastiness

At the January 31 school board meeting, Spotsylvania County School Board member Nicole Cole displayed moments of immaturity and unprofessionalism. One moment occurred at the 4-hour mark in the school board video. Ms. Phelps had the floor and was speaking. Cole interrupted and badgered Ms. Phelps for almost 40 seconds. The video clip is below.

This is a teachable moment for children. If you behave this way, then you are nasty and earn a nickname. Do not behave like Nasty Nicole. Be better than Nasty Nicole. In less than a month, Nasty Nicole has earned a nickname.

Cole and Shelley Ethics Violations

Spotsylvania County school board members Nicole Cole and Dawn Shelley stood in front of a “Recall Twigg” political sign at a January 18 rally. The front page of the Free-Lance Star on January 20 showed this picture. Twigg is the current school board chair. Both Shelley and Cole are using their position on the board to engage in partisan politics by advocating for the recall of another elected official.

This is a clear violation of item 9 of school board policy BBC-R. Item 9 says “I will refrain from using the board position for personal or PARTISAN gain and avoid any conflict of interest…….”. Shelley and Cole are creating division in the community thru their ethics violations. Given the past misbehavior by Cole and Shelley, it is not coincidence that they stand next to a “Recall Twigg” sign.

Scott Baker’s Conflict of Interest

Spotsylvania County Schools sent an email to parents at Courtland High School promoting a college workshop on November 3rd hosted by school board candidate Nicole Cole.

With the election on November 2nd, the timing of this email is not just a coincidence. It is a conflict of interest. Spotsylvania Schools Superintendent Scott Baker has not apologized, retracted, or removed Cole’s name and picture. Scott Baker is allowing free advertising for the Cole campaign just days ahead of the election. In our view, this is corrupt behavior by Baker. He should know better than to allow something like this to occur.