Birds of a Feather Flock Together, Part 1

The interaction between the five candidates running for school board or board of supervisors in Spotsylvania County indicates collaboration. Those five candidates are Erin Grampp, Rich Lieberman, Nicole Cole, Todd Rump and Baron Braswell.  All five candidates hold left or liberal positions despite claiming they are “independents” or in Grampp’s case a “republican”.

There is a strong interaction between Lee’s Hill District candidate Rich Lieberman and Berkeley District incumbent Erin Grampp. This indicates they both support and collaborate with each other.  Both complement each other’s campaigns on Facebook.  Lieberman and Grampp were photographed together at a recent fundraiser.  They also post their political signs together throughout the county.   Both candidates adopt liberal views on a lot of different positions.  Grampp is a big advocate of equity which is a far left position.  Lieberman has many online pictures and posts that are sexist, misogynistic, and degrading to women. Those posts are covered at these links:

Another indicator of collaboration and support is where political signs are located throughout the county.  Grampp and Lieberman signs are often in the same location.  Lieberman, Braswell, Rump, and Cole are often located in the same spot as well.  Look at the pictures below for examples of this coordination.

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